Agenda de actividades dos programas da AJPD 2013

1. Program of Transparency, Corruption and Sustainable Development

  • September 19: Conference on Transparency held in Benguela province Theme: "Limits on the implementation of Angolan public prohibitions “, local: Hotel Mombaca.
  • 11th of October: Conference on Transparency in Kuito / Huambo.
  • October 17: Conference on Transparency in the city of Monongue / K. Kubango.

2. Program of Penal Reform

  • May 6-10. Training on Human Rights and Penitentiary Actions, in Rangel, Luanda. Venue: Auditorium of the Hospital of St. Jail Paul.
  • June 3-7. Training in Human Rights and Criminal Investigations, in Luena, Moxico province.
  • August 9-23. Training in Human Rights and Prison Actions. Saurimo-Lunda Sul.
  • August 5-9. Training in Human Rights and Criminal Investigations. Lubango Huila-
  • September 23-25, Workshop on "African Human Rights Mechanisms with a preparation of Report on Human Rights Defenders, Women's Rights, Freedom of Expression and Access to Information in Africa. Location: Tropic Hotel / Luanda.
  • November 13 and 14,Workshop on "African Mechanisms of Protection of Human Rights. Time: 9:00am Location: Tropic Hotel / Luanda.

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