Street Nicolau Gomes Spencer,

Building No. 47, 1st Floor, Right, Maculusso, Luanda/Angola

Phone: 244,993,401,023/(222) 430299/(222) 445969

Website: Ajpd Angola


Justiça Association, Peace and Democracy

Observer member of the Comissão African and Peoples Rights.

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on “Contact"
One Comment on “Contact"
  1. Greetings AJPD Director,

    We at the Center for Law and Society Research unit within the Public Law Department, University of Cape Town, South Africa, are researching on child marriage in Southern Africa.

    The research project aims to examine gaps and challenges in effective interventions working to address child marriage in Southern Africa.

    We have identified AJPD as an organisation with expertise that could inform the project, and we would therefore like interview you about your organisation’s work in this area. The findings of the project will be written up, and will be used for a range of advocacy and dissemination activities, including a research report and research briefs. We will provide copies of these for you.

    The interview will take roughly 45 minutes. We plan to travel to Angola on the last week of October for the interview. We are requesting to meet with you at a time convenient for you for the brief interview.
    I have attached an information sheet with details on the research aims.

    Please let us know whether you are willing and available to meet with us briefly.

    Looking forward to your response


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