Luena / Moxico 2013

The Association for Justice, Peace and Democracy - AJPD, under its program Penal Reform, held in partnership with the Ministry of Interior - MININT, specifically the National Directorate of Criminal Investigation, training on Human Rights and Criminal Investigation in the city

The opening section was chaired by Moxico Provincial Commander of the National Police, who thanked and welcomed the participants and all stakeholders of the training session. The same was preceded by the intervention of Mr Godinho Christopher, Program Manager HIV & AIDS and Human Rights AJPD, which in turn elaborated on the objectives of the training.

The purpose of the training was to strengthen the capacity of researchers in the field of criminal investigation and Human Rights, to exercise their functions with professional ethics and strict compliance with and respect for the law.

In effect, subjects were given as:

  • Human, Gender and HIV & Rights AIDS chaired by Mr Christopher Godinho;
  • The Community Policing and its challenges: friend or foe today Citizen? Chaired by Mr. George Epalanga, Chief Superintendent of the National Police;
  • Criminal Intelligence I and II and Human Rights chaired by Mr. António Alexandre Andrade, trainer of DNIC;
  • Guarantees of the Criminal Procedure and / or Defendants lectured Mr. Virgil Andrew, lecturer of DNIC;
  • Expedient technique chaired by Mr. Albano Manuel
  • And finally, the issues on Measures Acts of Coercion and Procedural Procedural and Proof by Edilson jurist Pedro Eduardo was targeted.

The outcome of the workshop on Human Rights and Criminal Investigation was made by Mr. Christopher Godinho, Program Manager HIV & AIDS and Human Rights AJPD, which in turn thanked, above all, the presence and active participation of all participants and collaboration of trainers.

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