Formação sobre Direitos Humanos e Acção Penitenciaria, realizada na cidade de Ndalatando

Training in the city of Ndalatando

The Association of Justice, Peace and Democracy – AJPD, under its programme of Penal Reform, held in partnership with the Ministry of the Interior – MININT, specifically with the National Directorate of the Prison Service, a training on human rights and action, Penitentiary in the city of Ndalatando, province of the North, k. 30 March-03 April 2015.

The opening act was the provincial Commander for Civil Protection and Firemen Mr Sebastian Ricardo; the Internal Provincial Commander Mr. Francisco de Oliveira "Under Commissioner" José Manuel Teixeira Dr. Provincial Prison Services and interim Deputy Interior.

The opening section was chaired by the Director of prisons Provisor José Manuel Teixeira "Chief Superintendent", who thanked and welcomed all the participants and stakeholders of the training session, saying that this Act is of capital importance, taking into account the day of the MININT, the different levels, in the Act of the multiplicity of tasks that they are responsible , in the penal population re-education for the transformation of the young man, in the maintenance of order and public tranquillity, the containment and prevention of road accidents, and many others that require our legal tools for the successful fulfillment of our obligations. The same opening, was preceded with the intervention of Dr. Administrative and program manager of HIV & AIDS and Human Rights the AJPD Godinho Kitts, who in turn presented the objectives of the Training considerations.

The purpose of the training was to strengthen the capacity of researchers in the field of human rights and action to Penitentiary exercising their duties with professional ethics and in strict compliance with and respect for law.

For effect, were given 7 topics such as:


  • General notions about human rights
  • Human rights in the Constitution of Angola 2010
  • The international and regional Instruments for the protection of human rights

Facilitation:Mr. Godinho Christopher;

2 Theme: Legal sponsorship as a Fundamental right

Facilitation: FLAVIAN SUNDAYS -representative of the OAA

3rd THEME: Ethics and professional ethics on psycho-emotional perspective.

  • Stress and crisis in the penitentiary subculture.
  • Concept and etymology
  • Ethics and Deontology
  • Ethics Awareness
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • The Psycho-Emotional Perspective

Facilitation: Dr. Adriano Manuel DNSP


  • «Conduct, ethics and professional ethics of a correctional officer»
  • Security in prisons in the light of law No. 8/08 of 29 August (Penitentiary Law)

Facilitation: José Luís DNSP

5 THEME: rights and DUTIES of the INMATE

  • The rights and duties of Prisoners in the light of the Constitution of the Republic of Angola and of law No. 8/08, Penitentiary Law

Facilitation: José Manuel Teixeira DNSP


  • Protection of the rights of Woman recluse, before-during-after pregnancy
  • Rules of Bangkok
  • What does the law say Angola Penitentiary

Facilitation: Liliana Machado – Jurist


  • The magazines, searches and seizures
  • Pre-trial detention and the capture
  • The guarantees of criminal prosecution and/or the defendants
  • Execution of custodial Sentences and security measures

Facilitation: FORTUNATO PASSION – Lawyer

The outcome of the workshop on Human Rights and Penitentiary Action was made by Mr. Godinho Christopher, program manager of HIV & AIDS and Human Rights the AJPD, which in turn thanked, above all, the presence and active participation of all participants and the collaboration of the trainers, saying even this formation that was waxed is under what is termed Penal Reform Programme , whose objectives have excencialmente as its main focus to increase not only the level of legal culture of citizens in General, but also form the various adjacent MININT herds, as well as give some information and knowledge sharing on Human rights in General. Thanked also the warm way that were received by Mr. José Manuel Teixeira, Dr. Prison Services and Provincial Delegate of the Interior.

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