Formação sobre Litigação Junto do Tribunal Africano e da Comissão Africana dos Direitos Humanos e dos Povos


The Association for Justice, Peace and Democracy (AJPD) in partnership with the Mozambican League of Human Rights (LMDH), and the Coalition for Gross of the African Court (ACC), supported by the Open Society Foundation - Angola, held a three-day training.

The facilitators were Kuveya Lloyd, and Salvador Nkamati Tarisai Mutari, specialists in regional disputes in courts and several cases that have challenged the African Court and the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights.

During the training the following topics were developed:

  • Challenges and Developments in the African System on Human and Peoples.
  • "Overview of the African Human Rights System": The African Court, the African Commission, the African Committee of Experts on the Rights and Welfare of the Child and the SADC Tribunal.
  • Litigation before the African Court and the African Commission: Types of litigation (advisory and litigation)
  • The Protocol on the Rights of Women in Africa.
  • Case Presentation: Who can submit cases to the African Court and file request an advisory opinion: the limitation of Article 34 and Article 4 of the Protocol of the Court.

As a representative of the African Commission, the lecturer summed up saying that it is independent, and sworn under the African Charter to defend and protect human and peoples' rights.

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