Hospital Cadeia de São Paulo

The Justice, Peace and Democracy Association - AJPD, under its Penal Reform program conducted in partnership with Human Rights and Prison Actionin Rangel district, Luanda province, in the auditorium of the Hospital Chain S. Paulo, from the 6th to the 10th of May 2013.

The opening section was chaired by the Director General of the Jail Hospital of St. Paul, Manuel Freire dos Santos, who thanked and welcomed the participants. It was preceded by the appearance of Mr. Godinho Christopher, Program Manager of HIV/AIDS and Human Rights, AJPD, who elaborated on the objectives of the training.


In effect, subjects were given as:

  • The Constitution of the Republic of Angola and the Internal Rules to Regulate the Treatment of Detainees in a democratic society, presided over by Mr. Noah Kinanga - Lawyer;
  • HIV / AIDS and Human Rights led by Mr. Christopher Godinho/ AJPD;
  • Security Prison in the Light of the Law n. 8/08 of 29 August (Penitentiary Law) driven Mr. Menezes Bengue Cassoma/ Prison Service;
  • Rights and Duties of Prisoners in the Light of the Law n. 8/08 lectured José Daniel Lavoco/ Prison Service;
  • And finally, the theme was chaired on the Application of sentences of imprisonment and Alternatives (Safety Measures) by Mr. Florentino Joaquim Inacio - Lawyer and Military prosecutor.


The purpose of the training was, on the one hand, to strengthen the capacity of prison officers in human rights and prison action, so that they can perform their duties strictly in compliance with the law; and, secondly, that they know, respect and implement in their work the minimum standards of prisoner treatment to safeguard their rights.

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