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The Association for Justice Peace and Democracy - AJPD, under its Penal Reform program conducted in partnership with the Prison Service training on Human Rights and Action Prison in the city of SaurimoProvince of Lunda Sul, From 19 to 13 August this year.

The purpose of the training was to increase the knowledge of prison officers in the field of human rights and prison action, so that they can perform their duties with professional ethics and strict observance and compliance with the law.

However, the contents of this report sets out in synthesized form the work done during training on Human Rights and penitentiary action and outlines the assessment and the recommendations made by the participants.

In effect, subjects were given as:

  • Private Feathers application Freedom and Safety Measures chaired by Mr. Aníbal Duarte - Lawyer;
  • The Security Prisons in the Luz da Lei No. 8/08 of 29 August (Penitentiary Law) directed by Mr. Filipe António - Prison Services;
  • The Rights and Duties of Prisoners in the Luz da Lei No. 8/08 lectured by Mr. Leandro Epalanga - Prison Services;
  • Human Rights, Gender and HIV / AIDS led by Mr. Christopher Godinho - AJPD;

And it was finally presided over the subject of the Rights and Duties of Staff of the Prison Service by Mr. Filipe António - Prison Services.

At the end of the dissertation of each subject cited passed it is always for the moment get-together, finished this; participants resumed the training room and immediately put their questions and concerns and provoked a harmonious moment of dialogue and debate.

Therefore, an evaluation, conclusion and recommendation of the training process participants expressed the following:

This training was good because given to increase our knowledge.

  • Recommend AJPD do more often this type of workshop;
  • The themes were important and gave some to acquire knowledge;
  • I would like this training does not stop here ...;
  • AJPD should also have representation at the local level. "

The closing of the seminar on Human and Action Penitentiary Rights was made by the Provincial Director of Prison Lunda Sul Services, Manuel João, which in turn thanked, above all, the presence and active participation of all stakeholders and collaboration working team and trainers.

Therefore, to emphasize that during the stay of the working team in Lunda-Sul, the same visited the current and the former chain of Saurimo and the facilities of the future chain of Luzia.

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